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"Here are vignettes of a Tokyo somewhere between the bright neon future and the dark cyber-noir worlds that are the cliche of endless films and graphic novels. Here are frozen stories - some sad, some confusing, some touching and some just ever so slightly alien. A wonderful photo book and perfect for all those who want to see a little deeper into Tokyo, and perhaps into Japan as well." - Allen M.

"We see, without any need for false glamour, a genuine city in which dreams, nightmares, aspirations and disappointments jostle one another as Tokyo's inhabitants move along their paths to possible fulfillment-or not. [Sean] finds beauty in this city's shadows, and empathetic moments that will move you." - Peter G.

"Bonner has an amazing ability to frame and vignette pieces of the fabric that capture a spirit, tell a story, pull a loose thread, give you a feeling. A wonderful book." - Greg C.

Sean sees beyond the exotica which might catch a tourist's eye to a rich world holding tradition in one hand and the future in the other. This is a wonderful collection of very personal street photography to enjoy on many levels." - DJ

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